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Участие в новом проекте

Маардуская гимназия принимает участие в новом проекте „Europe makes school in Estonia“.

В рамках проекта иностранные студенты, обучающиеся в Эстонии, познакомят учеников школ  со своей страной и культурой. Нашу гимназию посетит студентка из Италии, Анна Дамонти. Ждем предложений и пожеланий от учителей и учащихся, каким образом Анна сможет лучше познакомить нас со своей страной и культурой. Предложения просим предоставить до  13.03 в кабинет 200 (huvijuht) или в кабинет 401 (projektijuht) или выслать по электронной почте

Who are we?

We are a group of young people who want to get Europe into Estonian school classrooms. Some of us have studied abroad, some of us are just interested in different cultures, and with the programme “Europe makes school in Estonia” we aim to bring together exchange students from different European countries and Estonian school children for mutual cultural learning. So, in case you are an exchange student in Estonia, we offer you an opportunity to experience Estonia in a quite extraordinary way. And in case you are a pupil or a teacher in Estonian school, we offer you an opportunity to invite a visitor from some other European country to your classroom.


The EMS Programme

The programme consists of many smaller projects which will be carried out by exchange students (ERASMUS etc) to introduce their country and culture in Estonian schools. The topics and content of the projects can vary a lot depending on the interests of exchange student, subject of the supervising teacher, expectations of the school, and the age of school children participating in the project. However, all the projects carry a common purpose – to introduce different European cultures in a gripping and fun way.

To prepare the exchange students for their enterprise and to give them some overview about different teaching methods a short preparatory pedagogical seminar is organized before the classroom activities. And to keep the exchange students motivated throughout the process, they will be awarded with the certificates (which confirms conducting a project at the school), and concluding seminar and party in the end. Participating schools will get the certificates as well.

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11 марта 2014 г.

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